Feldspar Sadr-e-Mahallat


Sadr-e-Mahallat Feldspar mine is located in Markazi province, northeastern of Mahallat, and its main product is the first class Sodic Feldspar. The exploration of this mine began in 2013, and the exploitation license of Sadr-e-Mahallat feldspar have been issued in 2014. Currently, Sadr-e-Mahallat feldspar mine has a significant share in supplying the raw materials of the tile and ceramic factories in the region, and provides the feldspar requirements of 11 factories.

Mine Location

To access the mine, first enter the city of Mahallat (Koy-e Sarcheshmeh), then through the dirt road in the northeast of Mahallat, about 4 km away and passing from the Soskondur village can enter the mine.

Reserve Type

Genesis: Metamorphism

Specification of mineralization: According to the exploratory operation, several Sodic feldspar lens and to a lesser extent potassic feldspar have been identified.

Reserve Information

According to the exploitation license, definite mine reserve is 395,000 tons of sodic feldspar.

In the largest lens that is easy to access, average grade of Na2O is 11%. Also Iron pollution of this reserve is very low (less than 0.4%).

Geological Features

Host rock: Schist and Metasandstone metamorphic rocks along with carbonate layers with the age of carboniferous

Product Information

  • Baked color is light to cream and bake temperature is optimal
  • Usage as glaze in glass industry
  • Trading with Hafez and Alvand Ceramic and Tile Factories and other factories
  • Increasing the mineral productions according to the customers’ demand


Water and electricity sources are 5 km away from the mine (in Mahallat city).


Exploitation license No. 102/39259 dated 2015/14/01 with 6 years operation’s period is belonged to Farayand Razi Caspian Trading Company.