Metal Reserves

Gold & Silver

Ashiyaneh Zar Copper and Gold Polymetallic Mine

“Ashiyaneh Zar” copper and gold mine with an area of 18 km2 is located in Kerman province, Bardsir city. It is located in Kerman porphyry copper belt. According to proximity and great similarity of Ashiyaneh Za

Copper & Molybdenum

Lead & Zinc

Tang e Dozdan Pb-Zn Mine

Tang-e Dozdan Lead and Zinc mine with a total area of 7.5 km2 area is located around of Fereydoun Shahr city, Isfahan province. This mine is one of the biggest mines in the private sector of the country and it

Iron & Manganese

Strategic Metals

Non-Metallic deposits

Industrial Soils

Gems Construction

Precious & Semi Precious Stones