Tang e Dozdan Pb-Zn Mine


Tang-e Dozdan Lead and Zinc mine with a total area of 7.5 km2 area is located around of Fereydoun Shahr city, Isfahan province. This mine is one of the biggest mines in the private sector of the country and it provides part of incoming feed in Lead and Zinc plants of Zanjan province.To access the mine, first enter the road of Khomein – Aligoudarz, after passing Aznaveleh crossroad, Aghche and Aghgol village, and passing 7.5 km can enter Tang-e-Dozdan village and mine.

Reserve Type

  • Mississippi Valley Type or MVT: Carbonate-hosted lead-zinc ore deposit
  • strata bound deposit in Jurassic – Cretaceous sediment host rocks
  • Large oxide ore zone (rich from Zinc) in the form of Hemimorphite, Smithsonite, and Cerussite in the surface and sulfide ore zone in the depth inclusive Galena and Sphalerite. This minerals are derived from exogenous mineralization process and its length is more than 2 kilometers to form of discontinuous
  • Deposit geometry: Layered, lens shape, consonant with layering, and along the fractures

Amount of Reserve

Proved reserve: 1,436,000 tons ore with the average grade of Lead and Zinc of 5.2%, the amount of Ag and Cd as by-products is considerable.

Probable reserve: 3,000,000 tons ore with the average grade of Lead and Zinc of 4%

Geological Features

Structural Zone: The Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone, Malayer-Isfahan metallogenic belt
Host rock: Detrital rocks, Jurassic – Cretaceous volcanics, carbonate rocks (limestone and dolomite)
Alteration: Dolomitization in limestone host rock, pyritization

Economic Analysis

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is estimated 77 percent for mine and flotation plant to capacity of 1500 tons lead concentrate and 5600 tons zinc concentrate.


According to the reverse circulation drilling and working faces, it is expected that oxide and sulfide deposit expand in the depth. Mine deposit can be increased with detailed exploration.


Water and electricity sources are located 500 meters far from the mine in Tang-e-Dozdan village.


Exploitation license No. 22835/90/465/104 dated 08/13/2018 with 10 years operation’s period is belonged to Pars Gostaran-e Aghigh Company.