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Zarmesh Mining and Commercial Group, headed by Dr. Seyed Ahmad Meshkani began its activities since 2010, utilizing technical knowledge, sufficient experience and experienced mining experts and consultants as a fully private group. The group’s main activities include mineral exploration, extraction and exploitation, processing and production, minerals trading, investment and fundraising in minerals and mining areas.

Zarmesh Mining and Commercial Group is currently operating in 80 exploration and exploitation areas in fourteen provinces of the country, either owned by the group or the companies in which it is a shareholder. It has explored 10 new and unknown reserves, invested in more than 45 mining areas, cooperated in 15 areas, as well as producing and trading metallic and non-metallic minerals. These companies are: Zar Azin Gostar Consulting Engineers, Pars Gostaran Aghigh Engineering & Trading Company, Zamin Jooyane Pars Engineering Company, Zamin Kavan Alvand Engineering Company, Yaghout Kouh Panj Sirjan Mining Company, Ofogh Kala Kavir Company, Zharph Kavan Pasargad Company, Arya Zamin Physics Company, Arya Madan Kav Jam Company, Matak Arya Company, Zarmes Joyan Sistan Company, Zamin Rahyab Maaden Shahdad and Arya Sanat Tejarat Baya.

Zarmesh Group’s capabilities encompass the entire chain of mining activities from exploration to the sale of minerals, investing and fundraising in all cases. Zarmesh capabilities in exploration is identification of mining potentials throughout the country, operating systematic exploration projects at all exploration stages, preparation of various mineral, geochemical, geophysical and geological maps at different scales, planning and implementation of exploration projects for metallic and non-metallic minerals to determine proven reserves, studies, research and activities required to explore metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits, preparing exploration standards and guidelines at various scales, technical-economic studies and economic evaluation of ore deposits.

In extraction section, Zarmesh Group is active in the design of underground and open-pit mines, design and calculation of drilling and blasting and initial feasibility form reserve estimation data. Zarmesh Group business section includes purchasing, participating, investing and fundraising in mining areas, buying and selling metallic and non-metallic minerals, preparing raw minerals, industrial powders and metal concentrates belonging to Zarmesh group, preparing mining projects reports from metallic and non-metallic mineral areas, pricing of mineral areas based on available information (privately and completely confidential) and establishing links and partnerships between miners, investors, industry owners, etc. in the mine and mining industries.