• Consultation

    Zarmesh Mining and Commercial Group with utilizing technical knowledge and experienced experts is ready to provide consultancy in the following fields:

    Identifying and evaluating the potential of mineral deposits

    Providing exploration standards and guidelines in various scales

    Scheduling and planning for systematically preliminary and detailed exploration in metallic and non-metallic mineral projects

    Feasibility, technical and economic studies for explored deposits

    Consultancy on mine safety

    Investing risk assessment, analysis of raw and processed minerals global market in future

    Preparation feasibility reports of metallic and nonmetallic mineral areas

  • Designing

    Zarmesh group is able to offer the following services by using specialized and up to date software:

    Planning exploration stages of mining areas including specifying sampling grids, designing geophysical profiles, locating trenches, location, slope and extension of exploration boreholes and etc.

    Designing extraction working faces, open pit mines and underground tunnels

    Drilling and blasting calculations

    Modeling and design of processing plants at semi-industrial and industrial scales

    Predicting environmental problems in mining and providing solutions to prevent possible damages

    Determination of raw and processed metallic and nonmetallic minerals usage in various industries

  • Supervision and Implementation

    Zarmesh mining and commercial group by combination of knowledge, experience and new technologies is widely ready to cooperate in various mineral fields:

    Conducting studies, researches and necessary activities in exploration of metallic and nonmetallic mineral deposits

    Implementation of exploration projects for metallic minerals until determining proven reserve

    Mineralogy studies

    Providing a variety of mining, geological, topographic and geochemical maps at local and regional scales

    Supervision and implementation of prospecting operation and systematic and nonsystematic sampling at mining areas

    Performing geophysical operation, result modelling and interpretation

    Monitoring and performing all surface and deep drilling operations, combination and interpretation of results and presentation of modelling and reserve estimation reports

    Performing all operations related to mineral processing at the laboratory and semi-industrial scale

    Performing necessary tests to determine optimal mineral processing methods

    Purchasing, sale, import and export of raw and processed minerals

    Performing commercial affairs of mining areas (at the stage of cadastre registration or exploration license, discovery certificate and exploitation license)

    Investing and fundraising in mining areas inside and outside of the country

    Creating relationship and association between miners, investors, industry owners, and etc.