Rangraz Copper & Iron


Rangraz is located in Markazi  province, Saveh city. This area is located in the Orumiyeh-Dokhtar Magmatic belt. Access road to the district is possible Through the Tehran-Saveh highway, after passing the three ways of the Rangraz and near the Saveh-Hamedan highway.

Reserve Type

  • Genesis: vein type associated with intrusive masses, manto type and mass type for copper, vein-layer for manganese and iron.
  • Paragenesis: : bornite, cuprite, chalcopyrite, chalcocite, malachite, azurite, neotocite, pyrite, goethite, hematite, manganese and turquoise.
  • Gangue type: silica, carbonate minerals, manganese, hematite & goethite.
  • Geochemical Paragenesis: Au, Mo, Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Sb, Ag, Fe, Mn.


  • Host rock: granite, silica lithic andesite, lithic tuff, latite andesite.
  • Age of host rock: Eocene.
  • Alteration: argillic, silicification, propylitic, iron oxide, alunite, jarosite.

Reserve Amount

Copper: The proven reserve mentioned in discovery certificate for copper is 100,000 tonnes with average grade of 0.7%. It should be noted that further deep drilling is needed to fully explore this reserve, and the reserve may increase several times after completion of exploration.

Iron: According to the exploitation license, proven reserve of iron with average grade of 31% of the hematite is estimated 65,000 tons.


close to asphalted  road, the presence of dirt road to mineralization areas and the presence of water, electricity and gas near the area.

Exploration operations

  • Purchase high-resolution satellite images of area
  • Studying prospecting and exploration operation in area
  • Taking 80 surface samples from outcrops, dykes and mineralized zones
  • Sending 80 samples for analysis by ICP-OES,  Fire Assay and XRF methods
  • Preparing geology map with the scale of 1:20,000 in 7 km2 areas
  • Taking 9 samples for thin and polished section studies
  • Preparing topographic and geology map with the scale of 1:5,000 and 1:1000 for determining mineralized areas in 155  hectares and 4 targets
  • Geophysical operation with IP & RS methods of 905 stations
  • Preparing geophysical map of  IP & RS
  • Geophysical operation with Georadar method
  • Digitization and making GIS Ready of all maps
  • Digging 79 trenches on mineralized zones of copper, iron & manganese
  • Preparing trench sections and taking 155 samples
  • Excavating 7 exploration working faces by shovel
  • Construction of 12 drilling platforms
  • Drilling 12 boreholes in total depth of 650 m
  • Preparing borehole logging and taking 136 samples
  • Analysis of  136 samples by ICP-OES and Fire Assay
  • Powder drilling of 44 boreholes in total length of 474 m
  • Taking and analysis of 236 samples from boreholes by AAS
  • Economic evaluation and reserve estimation based on trenches and boreholes data
  • Writing the final report


This district has Exploitation License for Iron ore & Discovery Certificate for Copper and belongs to the Zarmesh Mining and Commercial Group.