Nazarlou ba


Nazarlou barite district  with 37.8 km2 areas is located in Markazi province near the city of Zarandieh. This area is located in the Urmia-dokhtar structural zone, access way to district is from Zarandieh, Khoshke rood to the nazarlou village. this way is asphalt until 5km to the village and inside the area is a dirt road.

Reserve Type

  • Genesis: Veins and hydrothermal
  • Paragenesis of mineral: Barite, Feldspar
  • Gange type: Calcite veins
  • Geochemical paragenesis: Na, Ba, Ca, K


  • Host rock type: Quartz andesite, Lithic tuff, Tuff and Andesite
  • Age of the host rock:  Eocene to Quaternary
  • Alteration:  Argillic, Alunitization

Reserve Amount

The mineral dimensions in this area are (10 -200) m in length and (0.3 – 1.5) m in width and (0.5 – 2) m in height.
The specific gravity of the barite is from (3.85 -4.22).

Proven Reserve

The dimensions of the mineral in this area are from (10 – 200) meters in length and (0.3 – 1.5) meters in width and (0.5 – 2) meters in height. The specific gravity of the barite is from (3.85 – 4.22).


There are water and electricity near the area, there is a dirt road in most areas.

Exploration operations

  • Purchasing high resolution aerial photograph of nazarlou district
  • Preparing geological map with the scale of 1:20,000 in 37.8km2 areas
  • Performing prospecing operation, taking 7 surface samples for performing trace elements and gold analysis, and collecting 3 samples of barite and feldspar for XRF analysis.
  • Preparing geological map with the scale of 1:1,000, at two areas with a total area ​​34.4 hectares
  • Preparing topographic map with the scale of 1:1,000 at two areas with a total area of ​​34.4 hectares
  • Designing and digging of exploration trenches by using shovel for 12 trenches in the volume of 81 m3
  • trencheing and preparing trenche sections in the length of 53.9m
  • collecting 12 samples from trenches for analysis of  Special gravity,  and 6 samples for main oxides by XRF method
  • Estimation and determination of volume


It has Exploration License that is belong to Zamin Kavane Alvand company.