The carbonate rock hosted epithermal gold deposit of agdarreh takab geothermal field NW Iran hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation


Characteristics of Cu isotopes from chalcopyrite rich black smoker chimneys at Brothers volcano kermadec arc and Niuatahi volcano lau basin


Discussion the timing of gold mineralization across the eastern yilgarn craton using U–Pb geochronology of hydrothermal phosphate minerals


Erratum to Zn and Pb mobility during metamorphism of sedimentary rocks and potential implications for some base metal deposits


Formation of the enigmatic matoush uranium deposit in the paleoprotozoic otish basin quebec canada


Geochemistry of magnetite from proterozoic Fe-Cu deposits in the kangdian metallogenic province SW china


Iron oxide copper gold deposits an andean view


Marble hosted sulfide ores in the angouran Zn-(Pb–Ag) deposit NW Iran interaction of sedimentary brines with a metamorphic core complex


Methane origin and oxygen fugacity evolution of the baogutu reduced porphyry Cu deposit in the west junggar terrain china


Modelling the As-Au association in hydrothermal gold mineralization example of zarshran deposit NW iranb


Platinum group minerals in the limoeiro Ni–Cu–(PGE) sulfide deposit brazil the effect of magmatic and upper amphibolite to granulite metamorphic processes on PGM formation


Geochemistry of magnetite from Proterozoic Fe-Cu deposits in the Kangdian metallogenic province, SW China


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