Tang-e-dozdan Pb-Zn MVT

Tang-e-dozdan Pb-Zn MVT

Tang-e-dozdan Pb-Zn MVT

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General information:

The Tang-e-dozdan deposit is located in Esfahan Province, nearest of Fereydunshahr city. Approximate centroids for the Tang-e-dozdan deposit are 405460 E, 3660100 N using the WGS 84 (zone 39 N) datum.

Prospecting & Exploration:
Geological and topographic mapping in scale 1:20,000 and 1:1,000 done. 52 samples in lithogeochemistry collected and samples have been analyzed. Geophysical survey (IP, RS) were undertaken too. Trench excavated with total length 450 m and volume 500 m3. 125 samples from trench were collected and analyzed. Drilling on the project were done between 2009 and 2010 consists of a total of 17 core holes (1027 m). 330 samples from core holes were collected and analyzed for 43 element.

Ore Reserve:
The Tang-e-dozdan mineral resource estimate was prepared using 3-D modeling software Gemcom GEMS 5.4. A block size of 5 m x 5 m x 5 m was selected. Ore reserve is 1,436,000 tons with average Pb+Zn 5.2%, and probable reserve is 3,000,000 tons with average Pb+Zn 4%. 1200 kg sample from core holes have been taken and mineral processing test done.

Risks and Opportunities:
Mineralization has occurred in border between cretaceous limestone and Jurassic shale. 10 m of this mineralization is oxide and rest of it is sulfide. Except operated exploitation in this area we have explored several deposits in 1.5km*0.4km. Through 5,000 m drilling ore reserve would increase to 5 million tons. A positive point of this reserve is simple mineralogy (Galena, Sphalerite and Pyrite). Concentrate grade is more than Pb+Zn 50%. Distance between Tang-e-dozdan deposit and Bandar Abbas is 700 km. Water resources and power exists around this area. Mining is possible in 8 months of the year.

Capital fundraising:
Shareholders are interested in going into partnership, building Mineral processing plant, and performing excavation and sales ore.