Siasteragi Cu & Mo Mine


Copper, Gold and Molybdenum porphyry skarn of Siasteragi district, with the area of 24.65 square kilometer is located in the province of Sistan and Balouchestan near Zahedan. This area is located in the exploratory zone of the Nehbandan-Khash flysch basin. Access roads to the mentioned area is through the asphalted road of Zahedan-Bam, in 55 km, in a region called Tal Siah, there is a secondary asphalted road to the northwest to the villages of Karaghe and Kahnuk which 65km of this road is asphalt and 120km of it is dirt road.

Reserve Type

  • Genesis: Skarn (skarn of copper, molybdenum and gold), vein (gold bearing hematite silicate veins associated with probable intrusive bodies – copper veins with amounts of gold and molybdenum), mass (mineralization of copper with molybdenum in hornfels and granites units which in the upper part is as oxide  and in the lower parts is in the form of sulfide) and porphyry skarn (probable)
  • Paragenesis: Chalcopyrite, Chalcocite, Malachite, Azurite, Molybdenite, Neotesite, Pyrite, Goethite, Hematite
  • Gangue type: Silica, Carbonate minerals, Manganese, Hematite and Goethite
  • Geochemical Paragenesis: Au, Cu, Mo, Pb, Zn, As, Sb, Ag


  • Host rock: Granodiorite, Granite, Hornfels, Metasandstone, Metashale, Schist and Sandstone units.
  • Age of host rock: Eocene-Paleocene
  • Alteration: Alunitization and Jarositization, Lemonitisation, Silicification


Grade of the ore in the district for copper is from 0.5 to 2.9 percent, molybdenum is between 50 to 13300 ppm, gold is from 100 to 15270 ppb, maximum of silver is 180 ppm, maximum of lead is 3.5 percent and maximum of zinc is 1.8 percent.

Proven Reserve

The dimensions of the ore containing zone are several square kilometers. Probably geological reserve is about 10 million tons of copper with the grade of 0.5 to 1 percent, gold with the grade of 0.25 to 1 ppm, as well as molybdenum with approximate grade of 50 ppm. More exploratory operations should be performed to prove this reserve.

According to geological and geophysical operations (IP & RS), as well as surface and depth excavations, it appears there are significant layer-mass oxide and sulfide deposits.

Trench excavations have been done in three regions with approximate length of 511 meters. In area 1, the average copper grade is about 0.5 percent, gold grade is about 0.5 ppm and molybdenum grade is about 76 ppm. The approximate length of trenches in the region 2 is 541 meters and the average copper grade is about 0.56 percent, the gold grade is about 0.25 ppm and the molybdenum is about 5 ppm. Approximate length of excavated trenches in the area 3 is 148 meters and taken samples from these trenches have not yet been analyzed.


Water, electricity and asphalted road are close to the area.

Exploration operations

  • Regional geology mapping with the scale of 1:20,000 in 40 km2 areas
  • Sampling of mineralization in primary prospecting phase (76 samples)
  • Analysis of appropriately prepared samples is conducted by ICP-MS and Fire Assay
  • Preparing and studying 9 petrographic samples
  • Preparing and studying 3 mineralogical samples
  • Geophysical operation in 5 profiles with IP & RS methods (588 stations)
  • Geophysical operation in 5 profiles with magnetometry method (227 stations)
  • Preparing and studying 18 petrographic samples
  • Semi-Detailed topographic mapping with the scale of 1:1,000 in 90 km2 areas
  • Semi-Detailed geology mapping with the scale of 1:1,000 in 215 km2 areas (3 maps)
  • Construction more than 100 kilometers dirt road and buildup 10 drilling platforms
  • Digging 47 trenches with a volume of 11,700 m3 and length of 1,028m
  • Mapping and drawing trench sections in total length of 1,028m
  • Sampling of trenches for analysis by ICP-OES, XRD and XRF methods (297 samples)
  • Core drilling of 749 meters borehole in 10 bores
  • Quick logging in length of 749m
  • Bore cutting in length of 749m
  • Bore logging in length of 749m
  • Borehole sampling for analysis by ICP-MS and Fire Assay (394 samples)
  • Preparing and analysis 20 samples for thin and polished section studies
  • Economic evaluation and reserve estimation based on trenches and boreholes data
  • Writing the final report


This district has the exploitation license and belongs to Zar Mes Jooyan Sistan company.