Kordkhalaj Cu district


Kordkhalaj copper district with 8.5 km2 areas is located in Markazi province 25 km to northwest of Saveh city. This area is located in the Urumieh–Dokhtar Magmatic Arc. According to tectonic, intrusion, slages and evidense of depo Seems that this area is suitable for copper and gold. Access way to this area is from Saveh-Buin zahra road, after passing 7 km of dirt road to the Abas abad manzalak village can entered from south to the target area.

Reserve Type

  • Genesis:  copper and iron skarn, Silica, calcite veins that bearing gold and copper
  • Intrusions which bearing Copper
  • Paragenesis of mineral: Chalcopyrite, Malachite, Chalcocite, Magnetite, Actinolite, Tourmaline
  • Gange type: Silica, Calcite, Specularite, Hematite, Gotite and Limonite
  • Geochemical paragenesis: Fe, Cu ,Au


  • Host rock type: Granodiorite, Microdiorite, Granite, porphyry Andesite, Quartz latite, Lithic tuff and cristaline.
  • Age of the host rock:  Eocene to Quaternary
  • Alteration: Silicification, Argillic, poropylitic, Iron oxide and hydroxsides

Reserve Amount

The length of copper and iron skarn is about 400 m, thickness is (1.5-3) m. average grade of Cu is 1.1 percent and the max grade is 3.9%, gold grade is 0.8 and 1.1 gr/ton.
The length of Silica and Calcite veins that bearing Cu and Au is about 1 km, thickness is 1.5 m. average Cu grade is 0.4% and max grade is 1.4%, and average Au grade is 0.5 and max is 2.4 gr/ton.
Intrusive rocks associated with copper mineralization the average Cu grade is 0.4 and the max grade is 0.7 percent.

Proven Reserve

Designing and drilling exploratory trenches are ongoing and the proven reserve is not estimated yet.


There are water and electricity near the area and there is a dirt road in most areas.

Exploration operations

  • Collecting information; including geological and topographic maps, previous reports and…, doing office work and planning for field operations.
  • prospecting and identifying mineralization
  • surveying, processing and integrating the data base information, creating databases and identifying areas that is suitable for exploration
  • Prepartion of geological map with the scale of 1:20,000 in area of 9.5 km2.
  • Preparation of faults, alteration and veins maps with the scale of 1:20,000
  • Collecting 57sample from mineralization, veins and contacts
  • Collecting 57 samples for chemical analysis by ICP-OES and Fire Assay method.
  • Collecting 7 samples for XRF
  • Collecting 11 samples for thin sections study in all steps
  • Preparation and study 11 microscopic sections in all phase
  • Geophysical operations by IP and RS for 1200 points in 12 profiles


This area has exploitation certificate of industrial soil and exploration certificate for second ore which belongs to Zarmesh Mining and Commercial group.