Asagi low Sulfidation Au


Asagi low Sulfidation gold district with about 18.3 km2 areas is located in Sistan and Baluchestan province, Zahedan city. This area is located in the exploratory zone of Nehbandan-Khash flysch basin. Access road to the area is through the asphalted road of Zahedan-Bam. In 55km from Zahedan-Bam road (Tal Siah area), there is a sideway to northwest which leads to Karagheh and Kahnook villages. 65 km of this road is asphalted and 90 km is dirt road.

Reserve Type

  • Genesis: Low sulfidation epithermal gold, porphyry systems and polymetallic veins related to porphyry systems.
  • Paragenesis: Malachite, Azurite, Chalcopyrite, Chalcocite, Molybdenum Oxide, Sphalerite, Galena, Cerussite, Smithsonite, Goethite, Limonite.
  • Gange type: Silica, Carbonate minerals, Hematite, Goethite, Limonite.
  • Geochemical Paragenesis: Au, Cu, Mo, Pb, Zn, As, Sb, Ag


  • Host rock: Granodiorite, Granite, Andesite volcanic, Tuff, Volcanic ashes, Dacite, Rhyodacite
  • Age of host rock: Eocene, Oligocene to Quaternary
  • Alteration: Propylitic, Argillic, Sericitization, Phyllic, Alunitization, Jarositezation, Silicification, Hematitation.

Reserve Amount

In probable porphyry section no.1, we have silica stockwork with dimensions of 500m * 2000 m and weak copper mineralization in some regions. The probable porphyry section no.2 has dimensions of 500m * 1000m, which it has silica stockwork with high sulfidation in some regions. Also, an argillic zone with dimensions of 1.5 km * 400 m along with silica- hematite veins with the small copper mineralization as chalcopyrite, malachite and azurite and also gold bearing silica veins in several meters thickness and a few hundred meters length as parallel and crossover have been determined. Polymetallic veins in this region have been outcropped in several places which old mining work have been happened in some of them. Mineralization is usually small in this area but the grade of copper, lead and zinc are about percentage. Also, the grade of silver, antimony and gold are significant. The copper grade is between 0.1 to 2%, molybdenum is 10 to 400 ppm, and gold is 100 to 16400 ppb. Also, the maximum grade of silver is 50 ppm, the maximum grade of lead is 2.7% and the maximum grade of zinc is 2.2%.

Proven Reserve

According to the exploratory activities in the region, the final tonnage is 210,116 tons ore with the average grade of 1.07 ppm gold.


The Omar village is the closest village to the mine and it is located in 25 km northeast of the mine. The village has water, electricity and telephone. Also, a water well is drilled in the district.

Exploration operations

  • Regional geology mapping with the scale of 1:20,000 in 37.7 km2 areas
  • Sampling of mineralization in primary prospecting phase (86 samples)
  • Analysis of appropriately prepared samples is conducted by ICP-OES and Fire Assay
  • Preparing and studying 10 petrographic samples
  • Geophysical operation in 6 profiles with IP & RS methods (536 stations)
  • Geophysical operation in 5 profiles with magnetometric method (887 stations)
  • Preparing and studying 37 petrographic samples
  • Semi-Detailed topographic mapping with scale of 1:1000 in 127.1 km2 areas
  • Semi-Detailed geology mapping with scale of 1:1000 in 496 km2 areas (4 maps)
  • Construction more than 6 kilometers dirt road and buildup 10 drilling platforms
  • Digging 43 trenches with a volume of 3,000 m3 and length of 1,045m
  • Mapping and drawing trench sections in total length of 1,045m
  • Sampling of trenches for analysis by ICP-OES and Fire assay methods (229 samples)
  • Core drilling of 440.1 meters borehole in 4 bores
  • Quick logging in length of 440.1m
  • Bore cutting in length of 440.1m
  • Bore logging in length of 440.1m
  • Borehole sampling for analysis by Fire Assay (177 samples)
  • Preparing and analysis 7 samples for thin and polished section studies
  • Economic evaluation and reserve estimation based on trenches and boreholes data
  • Writing the final report


This area has discovery certificate and it is belong to Zarmes Joyan Sistan Company.