Ashiyaneh Zar Copper-Gold Mine



Ashiyaneh Zar mine is located close to Darreh Alou porphyry copper mine, in Urumia-Dokhtar zone which is famous for porphyry copper mineralization. Almost 60 mineral veins which have different length and variable thickness have been observed in the district.  For example, length of one of the veins is 400 m, its thickness is between 3 and 5 m and its height is 10 m. The veins are polymetallic which is one of the features of epithermal deposits or polymetallic deposits above the porphyry deposits.
Results of sampling from veins have different distributions and trends of elements in the district. In some veins, copper and molybdenum elements and in others copper and gold elements have precedence as zoning. In this district, two huge alteration zones is observed which are probable to copper-gold and copper-molybdenum porphyry deposits. In these zones, silica stock works is observed very well in phyllic zone. Geophysics anomalies and alteration maps confirm these two districts and it is very prone to mineralization.

Cooperation suggestions:

  • Exploration operation in the porphyry zones by investor instead of transferring part of share of the mine.
  • Extracting oxide and sulfide copper ore by payment or participation in extracted mineral by agreeable share.
  • Construction of flotation plant by investor based on scale of operated exploration, providing of ore by owner and sharing product by agreeable share.
  • Operating all of the supplementary exploration, extraction and processing by investor instead of transferring part of share of the mine.
  • Also we will consider other suggestions by investors.


  • Locating in Urumia-Dokhtar zone.
  • Numerous mineralization outcrops in area,
  • Huge alterations in the district,
  • Probability of existence of two porphyry reserves in the district,
  • Unpaved access road to the district,
  • Closing to the Darreh Alou mine for constructing new roads and available facility from this mine such as electricity and access way,
  • Closing to Darreh Alou processing plant,
  • Existence of water in the district,
  • Having exploitation license and area is 18 ,
  • High profitability due to variety of mineralization and future of market metals,
  • Early return investing.


  • Being cold in winter,
  • Sufficient exploration is not operated in the district, specially deep drilling,
  • There are walnut trees in flat areas,
  • Existence of local people seasonally in the mineralization areas.


Extraction Information

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Extraction Information

Exploration Information

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