Sources and geochemical background of potentially toxic metals in surface sediments from the Zhejiang coastal mud area of the East China Sea

Sources enrichment and redistribution of As-Cd-Cu-Li-Mo and Sb in the Northern Atacama Region Chile Implications for arid watersheds affected by minin


Spatial distribution of potentially harmful elements in urban soils city of Talcahuano Chile

Spatial distribution-and-geochemistry-of-heavy-metals-in-soils-A-case-study-from-the-NE-area-of-Vaslui-county-Romania

Spatial patterns and correlations of lead concentrations in soil leaf vegetables-and human hair in the Pearl River Delta region South China

Spatial variation and environmental assessment of soil organic carbon isotopes for tracing sources in a typical contaminated site


Spectral characteristics of propylitic alteration minerals as a vectoring tool for porphyry copper deposits

Starting to track the Upper Mississippi Valley zinc–lead MVT fluid flow event,WI, USA


Statistical analysis of soil geochemical data to identify pathfinders associated with mineral deposits An example from the Coles Hill uranium deposit, Virginia, USA


Stepwise regression for recognition of geochemical anomalies Case study in Takab area NW Iran


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