Developments in Geophysical Inversion in the Last Decade

Paine, J., Scientific Computing and Applications, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Geological Models, Rock Properties, and the 3D Inversion of Geophysical Data

McGaughey, J., Mira Geoscience Ltd. Montreal, QC, Canada

Mapping Subsurface Alteration using Gravity and Magnetic Inversion Models

Williams, N., MDRU, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada; Dipple, G., MDRU, Department of Earth and Ocean Scie...

Geologically-realistic Inversion of Geophysical Data

Fullagar, P.K., Fullagar Geophysics Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD, Australia; Pears, G.A., Mira Geoscience Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD, Aus...

Innovative EM Exploration in Surface Exploration and Underground Mine Settings

Williams, P.K., Independence Group NL, South Perth, WA, Australia; Kepic, A., Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia; Gibson, L.,...

Distributed Acquisition In Electrical Geophysical Systems

Kingman, J.E.E., Consultant – Terrigena Ltd., Fruita, CO, USA; Donohue, J.G., Quantec Geoscience Ltd., Toronto ON, Canada; Ritchie, T.J., Ge...

SQUID Sensors for EM Systems

Le Roux, C., Anglo Technical Division – Geosciences, Anglo American Corporation, Johannesburg, South Africa; Macnae, J., School of Applied S...

Deep Exploration with EM in Boreholes

Lamontagne, Y., Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd., Kingston, ON, Canada


Developments in Broadband Airborne Electromagnetics in the Past Decade

Macnae, J., School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Coulter, D.W., Overhill Imaging and Cartography LLC, Golden, CO, USA; Hauff, P.L., Spectral International, Inc, Arvada, CO, USA; Kerby, W.L....

On the origin of Heli-Time Domain EM species

Allard, M., Xstrata Zinc Canada, Laval, QC, Canada

Airborne Gravity Gradiometry in the Search for Mineral Deposits

Dransfield, M., BHP Billiton, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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