Technical and Engineering Zarmesh group

Exploration part

Extraction part

Hossain Akbari
Extraction Consultant
Aman Allah Rivaz
Extraction Manager
Gholam- Abbas Sanjaripor
Extraction Technician
Eskandar Porrezagholi
Extraction Technician
Abbas Marashi
Extraction Expert
Taghi Esmaiilzade
Extraction Supervisor

Business activities


Public relations &  website Zarmesh group


Seyed Mohammad-hossian Damghani
IT Expert
Mohammad –hossain Meshkani
PC Expert

Administrative and financial  Zarmesh group


Mohammad-Reza Porbabayi
Marjan Karvani
Administrative Expert
Fatemeh Karimi
Financial Expert
Habib-Allah Shams
Legal Expert