Cu of Khan Sorkh Mine


Khan Sorkh copper mine with a total area of 9.47 square kilometers is located in Kerman province, Sirjan city. Access to the mine through the Kerman-Sirjan road is possible. Passing Bardsir and 55 km before Sirjan by passing 7 km from the asphalt subway road of Imamzadeh Hamzeh and then by entering 10 km of dirt road can enter the mine.

Reserve Type

  • Scattered vein and massive, IOCG
  • Mineralization of copper has been identified in the form of malachite, azurite, chalcocite and native copper at the surface and in the form of chalcopyrite, chalcocite and native copper at the depth. The mineralization has been created as vein and veinlet in crushed, but high-grade zones.

Reserve dimensions

Several veins with a total length of more than 500 meters and a width of 0.5 to 3 meters in the south of mine and two veins with the length of 300 and 50 meters and a width of 0.5 up to 5 meters in the north of mine

Geology of the Reserve

  • Name of structural zone: Urmia-Dokhtar magmatic belt
  • Host rock: Granite to granodiorite, granitoid and granite aplite veins

It should be noted that the amount of reserve on the base of the issued exploitation license is equal to 125,000 tons with the average grade of 0.5% copper.

Outlook of the mine

In the south of the mine, no drilling has been done and in the north, only one of the veins has been drilled. It seems that only a small part of the reserve is specified and more exploration is needed in the region. Currently, the oxide zone of the mine is being extracted and the extracted ore is sent to the processing plant.


The mine has exploitation license under license number of 46121 on 19/12/2013, which has 5 years operation period and is belonged to Yaghoot Kuh Pang Sirjan Company.

Facilities/ Infrastructures

Electricity and asphalt road are located 10-12 km west of the area. The dirt road exists to the outcrop of the mineral and water is available in the area.


This district has exploitation license and belongs to the Zarmesh Mining and Commercial Group.