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Rangraz Fe, Cu & Mn

Rangraz is located in Markazi  province, Saveh city. This area is located in the Orumiyeh-Dokhtar Magmatic belt. Access road to the district is possible Through the Tehran-Saveh highway, after passing the three

Cu of Khan Sorkh Mine

Khan Sorkh copper mine with a total area of 9.47 square kilometers is located in Kerman province, Sirjan city. Access to the mine through the Kerman-Sirjan road is possible. Passing Bardsir and 55 km before Sir

Arghadeh Ba

Arghadeh barite district with 1.41 km2 areas is located in the Markazi province, Khomein city. This district is located in Sanandaj-Sirjan structural zone. Access way to the district is after entering the Mahal

Tang e Dozdan Pb-Zn Mine

Tang-e Dozdan Lead and Zinc mine with a total area of 7.5 km2 area is located around of Fereydoun Shahr city, Isfahan province. This mine is one of the biggest mines in the private sector of the country and it

Feldspar Sadr-e-Mahallat

Sadr-e-Mahallat Feldspar mine is located in Markazi province, northeastern of Mahallat, and its main product is the first class Sodic Feldspar. The exploration of this mine began in 2013, and the exploitation l
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